Ranking: advanced filters 🚴

The filters available in the ranking section allow you to limit the top 50 table however they can be far more powerful.

β€’ Filter based on Quality, Value, or Momentum
β€’ Narrow down companies even further with Industry selection
β€’ Set minimum values, e.g. Value greater than 40

β€’ Filter based on One year, Three year, or Five year scores
β€’ Narrow down the funds based on management style
β€’ Filter on Fees, Performance, or Risk
β€’ Select funds based on management style, e.g. Passive, Active
β€’ Show funds based on country available for sale, only look at funds you can purchase

Any other ideas for advance filters we can include be sure to comment below.

That looks good. If you can Beta of a stock it would be helpful to assess the stocks volatility wrt market. If it moves less than market it would be less than 1.0…It means less risky and potential lower returns .If it moves more than market it would be greater than 1.0…It means more risky and potential higher returns

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good suggestion; well noted :smiley:

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