Neil Woodford & Patient Capital crisis

It seems like there’s a new story every day about the dramatic implosion of Neil Woodford’s funds so I thought I’d create a thread to keep track of what’s going on. The saga began when he was forced to suspend his LF Woodford Equity Income Fund after too many investors withdrew their money.

The fund had been promoted by Hargreaves Lansdown. HL have stopped taking fees from investors who now have their money stuck in the fund but Woodford hasn’t.

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Patient Capital Trust’s lender, Northern Trust, has since agreed to give it greater borrowing flexibility while it works to dispose of certain unquoted assets, but demanded a veto over any new investments and a new rate of interest on the amount already drawn down in exchange.

Does anyone think that Woodford’s going to recover from this?

Can’t see how. His name was a selling point for a lot of people but he’s lost his reputation. He could get away with riskier investments because of his past performance




Woodford Loses $54 Million Selling Stocks From Frozen Fund